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Air freight

Businesses rely on air freight transport in order to transport goods from one destination to another. Fragile and precious goods need high levels of care whereas perishable goods are required to be transported immediately from one location to another. Raw material, work in progress or finished goods need to be transported carefully and this entails the use of services of clearing and forwarding agents that can be trusted with goods. «Aviastar Petersburg» is one of the most reputed logistics companies in Northwest Russia and our reputation is a result of our commitment to provide the maximum customer satisfaction in terms of air freight transport. If you are in need of reliable air freight transport then «Aviastar Petersburg» is the ideal company for you. We have a wealth of experience on the air freight transport business and everything that comes with it. We do everything possible to assist our customers in keeping the cost of their air freight transport down, take every possible step to ensure the safe and timeous passage of your cargo so that you do not need to be concerned about it arriving damaged or late.

«Aviastar Petersburg» has direct agency agreements with all major airlines operating from/to Saint-Petersburg airport Pulkovo, as well as from other regions of Russia. This allows us to provide the most competitive rates for air transportation and priority over freight loading.

We are ready to carry your cargo with scheduled or chartered, passenger or cargo flights of the leading Russian and foreign airlines (including valuable, dangerous and perishable goods).

Cooperation with a number of Russian and foreign air operators gives us access to a wide range of aircraft types for individual transportation of cargoes of oversized dimensions and heavy weights.

Our experts will undertake the whole process of freight arrangements for air transportation starting from marking, packing and weighing. Besides, we'll provide timely performance of all the operations related to import and export freight facilitation, as will take care of all the accompanying documentation. We'll deliver your freight to the airport of departure, offer insurance and customs arrangements if needed.

Availability of partner companies in various countries enables us to control freight delivery and ensure optimum solution for reduction of deadlines for arrangement of the necessary documentation. Professionalism and experience, meeting our customers' needs with innovative solutions that bring together the best of our people, processes, integration with our local and global partners and further expansion and development allow «Aviastar Petersburg» to solve complex tasks and provide exceptional service to our customers.